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Need to write but can't find the time? Smash all your targets this year. 

We're building the world's first intelligent, digital coach for writing.

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Give your research the attention it deserves 

Prolifiko is a personal, digital tool helping you improve your writing productivity and smash your publishing targets. The subject of a peer-reviewed paper, Prolifiko helps you to:

- Block out protected time for writing

- Learn about your practice and improve

- Tackle new projects with confidence

- Find a writing routine that works 

- Supercharge your academic career

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Our behavioural science-backed method helped lecturer Wyl Menmuir write a novel in 18 months - and get longlisted for the ManBooker Prize. 

 Read the full case study in The Guardian.

Find more time

Break your large research project into small steps. Make it less daunting to approach and easier to achieve. 


Learn what works 

Learn about your personal writing process by 'tracking' your progress. Find a writing habit that fits into your busy schedule. 

Publish and progress - you can do it!

Whether it's a journal article, a chapter, a case study or a book, Prolifiko's personal coaching method helps you to stay focused on your writing and research. Our goal setting system helps you manage multiple projects at once so you never miss a deadline.

Keep motivated 

Keep focused along the way with friendly nudges and streaks - simple rewards which keep you motivated.

Find your routine 

Personalised weekly writing data helps you improve, optimize and keep moving forward with all your projects.  


I find Prolifiko’s intuitive, step-by-step workflow helps me plan and structure my project proposals and research reports. The instructional videos are particularly helpful and give me good advice.

Paul McKay, Machine Learning Architect 


I love the dashboard - it really inspired me to track my writing goal and set a new one. I also enjoyed being able to see my progress clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Dr Rachel Julian, Director, Centre for Applied Social Research, Leeds Beckett University, UK.

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